Locations covered by GrabExpress

Within Luzon:

  • Metro Manila

  • Greater Manila Area

  • Pampanga

  • Tarlac

  • Olongapo

  • Baguio

  • Legazpi

Within Visayas:

  • Metro Cebu

  • Iloilo

  • Bacolod

  • Dumaguete

Within Mindanao:

  • Davao

  • CDO

  • General Santos

  • Zamboanga

  • Butuan

Read the full list of serviceable areas here.

Locations covered by MrSpeedy (now known as Borzo)

Within Luzon:

  • Metro Manila

  • Bulacan

  • nearby Cavite

  • Laguna

  • RIzal

  • Antipolo

Within Visayas:

  • Metro Cebu (Cebu to Cebu only)

Within Mindanao:

  • Davao

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