What are the differences between the Free, Premium, and Enterprise Plans?

IÔÇÖm interested in learning more about the Enterprise Plan. How can I do so?

There are many ways to learn more about our Enterprise Plan:

You can start by reading all about the Enterprise Plan, and visiting our website.

WeÔÇÖd also love to talk to you more about the Enterprise Plan. Schedule a free demo and consultation with one of our E-Store Experts!

How do I upgrade to the Enterprise Plan?

You can do so by contacting our sales agent through scheduling a free demo and consultation with us to learn more and sign up!

How much does the Enterprise Plan cost?

The Enterprise Plan has different inclusions to choose from, therefore the rates may change based on what best suits your needs. To determine which needs the Enterprise PlanÔÇÖs features can address, we always hold quick consultations with our merchants, therefore coming up with the best package and rates for your business.

Schedule your free consultation here to learn more!

Which locations does the Enterprise Plan cover?

The Enterprise Plan is available for merchants based in the Philippines (nationwide). However, our options for on-demand couriers have limited coverage and can only service select regions of the country.

­čĺí If you have your own delivery rider fleet, on-demand courier integration is optional for merchants who want extra riders for busy delivery days.

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