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🌟Enterprise: All About the Branch Selector Widget
🌟Enterprise: All About the Branch Selector Widget

What is the Branch Selector Widget and how is it used?

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

The Enterprise Plan has a feature called the Branch Selector Widget. This allows customers to choose a branch immediately from the home page, and customizes your products to only show what the selected branch has available.

⚠️ This is a Enterprise Plan only feature. This feature is not available in the Free or Standard plans.

💡 How does the site know which items are unavailable for a specific branch? Read up on our Product Availability feature to learn more.

How does it work?

Having different items out of stock per store location is a great pain for multi-location food businesses. Our Product Availability addresses this by giving branches the ability to declare which items are out of stock in their location.

Our Branch Selector Widget helps customers avoid ordering what is unavailable from their preferred branch by giving them the option to customize the store’s menu right from the home page.

The Branch Selector Widget is found on the topmost banner of your Shopify store.

Here’s how customers can use it:

Step 1

Upon your customer’s first visit to your store, they’ll be shown a pop up upon page load of your store.

Step 2

Customer can either:

  1. Search a city or branch name

  2. Click the Nearest Me button to find the branch closest to their location

  3. Click on any preferred branch within the provided list

Step 3

After choosing, the customer can click Select Branch. This will update the store’s products to only show what is available in their preferred branch.

What happens when my customer adds a product to their cart but that product is unavailable from their selected branch?

If a product is declared unavailable by a branch using their Product Availability feature, the customer will be informed of this on your Shopify store in one of two ways:

1. Through an unavailability notice seen in the product listing:

2. Through an unavailability notice seen in their cart page:

Configuring the Branch Selector Widget

You have the following settings to configure:

  1. Widget Pop Up upon First Visit - immediately prompt first time customers to select a branch upon page load

1. Enable/Disable the Branch Selector Widget

The Branch Selector Widget feature is a helpful feature for customers as it customizes the store menu right from the home page with products that are available in the customer’s preferred branch.

This is an optional feature that you may toggle through the App settings on your Shopify Store.

ℹ️ FAQ: Does my customer have to select a branch every time they visit my store?

Answer: No, they don’t have to! When they visit again next time, the branch they had selected in the past will be auto-selected. They’ll immediately see this information at the topmost banner of your page.

2. Widget Pop Up upon First Visit

This feature lets the Branch Selector Widget pop up upon page load for first-time customers. If this feature is disabled, your customers will still be able to select their preferred branch with the widget found on the topmost banner.

ℹ️ FAQ: Can my customer change their selected branch?

Answer: Of course! There will be a button to Select Branch on the topmost banner of your page.

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