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🌟Enterprise: All About Product Availability
🌟Enterprise: All About Product Availability

What is the Product Availability feature and how is it used?

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

The Enterprise Plan has a feature called Product Availability, wherein your staff in each branch location can mark items as unavailable within their branch!

⚠️ This is a Enterprise Plan only feature. This plan is not available in Restaurant Alert + Deliver's Shopify App listing.

ℹ️ Want to see a step by step instruction on how branch staff can use this feature? Click here.

How does it work?

Having different items out of stock per store location is a great pain for multi-location food businesses. Our Product Availability addresses this by giving branches the ability to declare which items are out of stock in their location.

When something goes out of stock in their location, branch staff can use the In-Store Merchant App to declare which items are unavailable through the app’s menu, as seen below.

Once an item has been marked as unavailable, this data is synced to your Shopify Store. Customers who try to check out a particular item from the branch that was declared unavailable will receive a prompt to check out from another branch.

ℹ️ But wait, there’s more! We always like staying one step ahead to ensure convenience for your customers. Read up about our Branch Selector Widget to learn more about how our app can only show the available products of your customer’s chosen branch even before they start adding items to cart!

FAQs About Product Availability

Can I disable the Product Availability feature?

Yes you can!

  1. Go to Apps > EStore Prod App > Settings

  2. Select Product Availability.

  3. Scroll down to the Product Availability section and click Disable.

  4. Save.

Can I see which products were marked as unavailable on the Shopify Store Admin?

Of course!

  1. Go to Apps > EStore Prod App > Locations

  2. Select the location of the store of which you would like to see the Product Availability.

  3. Scroll down to the Product Availability section.

Can I toggle the availability of my products on a per-branch basis using my Shopify Store Admin?

No, you won’t be able to do so. Only your staff on location (using their In-Store Merchant App) can toggle the availability of their branch’s products.

You will be able to see what they’ve marked available via Shopify Store Admin, but will not be able to edit.

This is to ensure that whatever the branch had already declared as unavailable will stay unavailable, preventing accidental toggles and ensuring that what’s in your store is accurate! If you need to toggle the availability of a product for a certain branch, it would be best to coordinate with your branch staff to do so.

Can I determine how many items are left in stock using this feature?

Unfortunately, no. Think of this feature as an on/off button for your products within the branch.

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