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🌟Enterprise: Upgrading to the Enterprise Plan
🌟Enterprise: Upgrading to the Enterprise Plan

Want to avail of the Enterprise Plan instead? Here's how to do so.

Written by Kim Pamela Co
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We'll make it easy for you – all you have to do is schedule a quick consultation with one of our E-Store Experts!

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In this 30 minute to 1 hour consultation, you'll be able to discuss the following:

  • All the Enterprise Plan's Features and Inclusions (and how it differs from our Free and Premium Plans)

  • How each Enterprise Plan feature can help your particular business

  • Which features you would like to onboard and how much the resulting price/quotation will be – get a package that suits your needs best!

  • Onboarding process, next steps, and E-Store Expert recommendations based on what we know works for many other merchants on the Enterprise plan.


What are the features in the Enterprise Plan?

Our Enterprise Plan has many features and services not available on the Free or Premium Plans. Click HERE to see a more comprehensive list of our features or see our list below for Enterprise Plan features not found in any of our other pricing plans:

  • Shopify Website Design and Creation

  • Integrated Payment Gateways

  • Unlimited Number of Locations

  • Choose Pick Up or Delivery

  • Date & Time Scheduler

  • Turn Off Unavailable Products per branch

  • Branch Selector Widget

  • Charge Per KM Delivery Fees to Customer

  • Account Management & Website Management Assistance

Why do I need to schedule a meeting/consultation for this?

The Enterprise Plan has different inclusions to choose from, therefore the rates may change based on what best suits your needs. To determine which needs the Enterprise Plan’s features can address, we always hold quick consultations with our merchants, therefore coming up with the best package and rates for your business.

I've already paid for the Premium Plan. Will I be refunded?

If you opted to upgrade to the Enterprise Plan from our Premium Plan, just let our E-Store Expert know when you have your consultation, so that we can credit your unused payment for the Premium Plan accordingly and send you a discounted invoice for the Enterprise Plan.

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