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🌟 Enterprise: General FAQs for Setting Up
🌟 Enterprise: General FAQs for Setting Up

Answers to all your questions about setting up your e-store.

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

How long is the setup process?

Assuming all requirements are submitted, the initial setup period is 5-7 working days. Merchant approval will usually take another 3-7 days.

What kind of permissions will ZAP need if we have a Shopify account already?

Invite staff account full access then transfer the store ownership.

What are the minimum requirements to set up an e-store?

Contract, Payment and Product List + Photos. See our E-Store Publishing Content Guide.

Are there templates/themes we can choose from?

Yes, here are the 5 free themes we use as well as some sample sites from our current merchants. Please note each theme will have limitations.

What are Category Banners? Do we need to provide these? Can you do it for me?

Category Banners are generally the images that are shown to represent your categories in a list, or at the top of a category page. However it should be noted that the appearance of a category banner varies depending on the theme, and in some themes it is not available/shown.
There’s no need to provide a category banner. We can just use your product photos as banners, though the size/cropping may be off.

What's the difference between a main and promotional banner?

These are actually the same things (same sizes). Though the main banner is usually located at the top of the page, whilst the promotional banner refers to banners you may want to have elsewhere in your page.

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