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🌟Enterprise: Using ZAP Loyalty With Your E-Store
🌟Enterprise: Using ZAP Loyalty With Your E-Store

How to use ZAP Loyalty to boost your E-Store features and reward your customers.

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

How does the Loyalty feature work?

Customer enters their mobile number upon checking out > Customer receives a branded text/email confirming points.

How can the customer redeem/check points?

They can check and redeem their points by clicking on the logo/widget on the homepage of your site and entering their mobile number.

Can they use their points simultaneously with another discount code?

No, the points count as a discount code and Shopify only allows one discount code per order.

What is the one-time PIN or OTP?

4-digit PIN for security measure to validate members. Can be received via SMS or phone call.

Can customers share their mobile number?

NO. Customers need to have their own personal and valid mobile number.

What if the customer changes their number?

Customer must e-mail with new & old number indicated in message.

I have customers from abroad. Can they use a foreign mobile number?

At the moment, no. The number used to earn points must be local.

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