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🌟Enterprise: Managing Payments and Refunds
🌟Enterprise: Managing Payments and Refunds

How to handle and troubleshoot receiving payments from customers.

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

Can I accept international payments for orders (e.g OFW’s ordering for loved ones in Philippines)?

Only Paypal is capable of accepting international payments, if you have many customers that do this then you may want to look into enabling Paypal as a payment gateway.

What does payment pending mean when using Dragonpay?

This means that the customer hasn’t verified their payment yet. You don’t have to do anything until payment has been confirmed.

Why does BDO take so long? Why does it not load sometimes?

This isn't an issue that can be solved on your part or the customers. The problem lies with BDO due to the fact that their servers/processing times can be quite slow.

If a customer pays through Bank Deposit, when will the order be sent to the app?

You will need to mark the order as paid first in the backend of Shopify. Since this is a manual payment method, you will also need to confirm it manually. This has to be done per order.

If a customer pays using COD when will the order be sent to the app?

The order will be sent immediately.

Can I have cash/COD as a payment option for pick up orders too?

Yes, you can!

How does COD work with Mr Speedy and Grab? Will riders pay upfront on behalf of customers?

Mr Speedy will usually remit the money paid by the customer to their GCash/Bank account (that should be connected in the Mr Speedy dashboard). Though sometimes the rider will also give the amount upfront and in cash. This can vary from rider to rider.

Please note that if they choose COD with rider, there will be a higher rate for Grab and an additional fee for Mr Speedy.

If an item is out-of-stock or cannot be served for whatever reason, how does staff inform the guest?

You can contact the customer using the information they provided and offer an alternative product.

What if a customer wants to exchange unavailable products for something that costs more?

We highly suggest that you don’t allow this since it will be a hassle for both parties. The customer will have to settle the additional payment with you manually, and you will also have to record it manually.

Best course of action is to only allow partial refunds or only allow exchange for products that cost exactly the same.

How will the payment be re-settled if the customer calls to cancel their order? How do we handle refunds?

Automatic refunds can only be done for payments made using Paymongo credit card. You may process the refund by cancelling the order fulfillment and clicking ‘Refund’ in the backend of Shopify. Learn more here.
Please note that it may take 5-7 banking days for credit cards to reverse the changes.

For payments made using Dragonpay/Manual payment methods, you will need to do a manual refund. After you’ve refunded the amount manually to the customer, don’t forget to mark the order as refunded in the backend of Shopify.
ZAP will still reimburse payments received from the payment gateways. You can also choose to pay customers back in cash on store credits.

After how many days will the money for the purchases be credited in my bank account?

Transactions from Mondays-Sundays will be settled by Friday the following week.

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