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Booking an On-Demand Courier

Booking a rider from GrabExpress or MrSpeedy (now known as Borzo) with the In-Store Merchant App

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

⚠️ In order to book on-demand couriers within the In-Store Merchant App, Delivery Integration with your chosen on-demand courier must already be set up within Restaurant Alert + Deliver Shopify App on your Shopify Store.

When an order has been placed in your Shopify Store, an Instant Alert is sent straight to the In-Store Merchant app. As your staff taps the Order Notification, they will see the complete Order Details and be able to tap Accept Order.

Step 1

When an order is accepted, the Book a Rider button will appear. Tap it to book a rider from your chosen on-demand courier.

💡 PRO-TIP! We recommend booking riders 15-20 minutes before dispatching the order to allow the riders buffer time to arrive at your store!

Step 2

After tapping the Book a Rider button, the option to View Rider Booking Details will appear. If you click View Rider Booking Details before a rider is chosen by the system, you’ll see a pending screen and an option to cancel.

Step 3

If you click View Rider Booking Details and a rider has been booked by the app, you’ll see the Rider Details. This includes:

  • Rider Name

  • Delivery Cost

  • Time of Booking

  • Vehicle Type and License Number

  • Mobile Number

  • Additional Services

  • Option to Cancel Rider

ℹ️ FAQ: What if the rider cancels the booking?

Answer: If the rider cancels the booking, our In-Store Merchant App will attempt to auto-book for another rider up to three times or for 10 minutes at the maximum. We recommend quickly checking on the booking every 5-10 minutes or try rebooking.

🏁 You’re done! 🏁

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