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Making a Test Transaction
Making a Test Transaction

Just to make sure we’re ready for launch!

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

There are a few things we need to do before you’ll be able to go live with Restaurant Alert + Deliver and start taking orders. If you’re in the process of setting up the app, here’s a checklist for your reference to make sure you’re not missing a step!


- Choose a Pricing Plan

- Add your location/s

- Set Up your In-Store Merchant App/s

- (Optional) Integrate your chosen On-Demand Courier

Here’s how to do a test transaction:

Step 1

Make an order within your Shopify web store.

  • Add some items to the cart.

  • View your cart.

  • Select the branch linked to the In-Store Merchant App that you would like to test.

  • Check out.

💡 It’s easier to make test transactions if your store accepts COD orders or if you've set up Shopify's Bogus credit card payment gateway!

Step 2

Check your In-Store Merchant App Device.

  • You should receive the instant alert within a few seconds. Tap it to dismiss.

  • Tap the Order Notification to see the Order Details.

  • Click Accept or Cancel.

🏁 This means you’ve successfully linked your device to your chosen location. Good job!

Step 3

⚠️ In order to book on-demand couriers within the In-Store Merchant App, Delivery Integration with your chosen on-demand courier must already be set up within Restaurant Alert + Deliver Shopify App on your Shopify Store.

Try booking a rider. (Optional)

  • After accepting the order, tap Book a Rider.

  • After a rider has been booked, cancel the booking immediately.

🏁 This means you’ve successfully integrated your chosen on-demand courier. Yay!

Step 4

Fulfill the order.

  • Tap Picked Up by Rider.

  • Tap Cash Received (for COD orders only).

🏁 You’re ready to launch! 🏁

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