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Contacting & Tracking a Booked Courier

You can call a rider from GrabExpress or MrSpeedy (now known as Borzo) straight from the In-Store Merchant App

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

⚠️ In order to book on-demand couriers within the In-Store Merchant App, Delivery Integration with your chosen on-demand courier must already be set up within Restaurant Alert + Deliver Shopify App on your Shopify Store.

Once you’ve booked an on-demand courier for an order, you’ll be able to call the rider as needed and even track where your rider is. Here’s how to do so:

Step 1

Once a rider has been booked for an order, tap View Rider Booking Details to see all the rider details. This includes:

  • Rider Name

  • Delivery Cost

  • Time of Booking

  • Vehicle Type and License Number

  • Mobile Number

  • Additional Services

  • Option to Cancel Rider

💡 PRO-TIP! We recommend booking riders 15-20 minutes before dispatching the order to allow the riders buffer time to arrive at your store!

Step 2

Within the page, you’ll see a mobile number indicated on the screen and a phone icon beside it. Tap the Phone Icon.

Step 3

The mobile number will be seen on your device’s phone app. You may proceed with the call from there.

⚠️ The Android device used for the In-Store Merchant App must have a working local sim with load in order to proceed with the call this way. If your device does not have the ability to send or receive calls, we suggest dialing the mobile number of the rider on another mobile device that can do so.

Step 4

A tracking link is also provided on this screen. Tap it to load the tracking map on your device's browser.

ℹ️ FAQ: What if the rider cancels the booking?

Answer: If the rider cancels the booking, our In-Store Merchant App will attempt to auto-book for another rider up to three times or for 10 minutes at the maximum. We recommend quickly checking on the booking every 5-10 minutes or try rebooking.

🏁 You’re done! 🏁

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