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Frequently Asked Questions
Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

What is the Restaurant Alert + Deliver App?

Restaurant Alert + Deliver allows for order alerts per location via an In-Store Merchant App, and provides easy delivery via integration with GrabExpress or MrSpeedy (now known as Borzo) which allows for one-tap booking of a rider through the In-Store Merchant App.

What are the requirements for the app?

The Restaurant Alert + Deliver system requires download and installation of the In-Store Merchant App, which is only compatible on an Android device Version 5 and above. Each location requires their own Android device and app to be linked.

Where is the Restaurant Alert + Deliver App available?

Currently, our app is available for merchants and locations based in the Philippines. The app can be used nationwide.

Who is the app for?

The app is best for food merchants such as multi-location restaurants, coffee shops, tea shops, bakeries, cloud kitchens, and home kitchens.

How many locations can the app accommodate?

The number of locations our app can link to is dependent on how many locations your current Shopify store plan can accommodate.

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