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What is the In-Store Merchant App?
What is the In-Store Merchant App?

More about the companion Android app and how it works.

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

The In-Store Merchant App is the companion Android app to the Restaurant Alert + Deliver app system for Shopify. We’ve built an Android app to have on location in order for each of your store’s staff to get their alerts as they come in, without having to check Shopify’s emails or notifications.

How does it work?

I. Installation

⚠️ An Android device Version 5 or above is required per store location for the In-Store Merchant App.

  1. Download the In-Store Merchant App onto your chosen Android device via Google Play Store. You can find the Android App though this link.

II. Instant Alerts

  1. When a new order is placed on your Shopify store, that new order is instantly sent to the In-Store Merchant App of the branch location the order was placed.

  2. The Instant Alert pops up on the device screen and is accompanied by a ringing tone, just to make sure your staff don’t miss it! You can tap to dismiss the alert to see the Order Notification.

  3. Tap on the notification to see the Order Details and Accept or Cancel the order.

  4. In the event that the Android device is unattended when the Instant Alert comes in, don’t worry! The Instant Alert will only stop ringing if it is dismissed by your staff.

💡 For a detailed order process with screenshots, click here!

III. Order Details

In this screen, you’ll see everything you need to know about each order. This includes:

  • Order Number

  • Time of notification

  • If order is Pick Up or Delivery

  • Customer Information

  • Notes from the Customer

  • Order Items, Sub-items, & Quantity

  • Price per Order Item

  • Subtotal & Grand Total

  • Delivery Fee

  • Applied Promo

  • Payment Method & Status (Paid or Unpaid)

IV. Order List

The Order List shows you all orders specific to the branch location. This includes:

  • List for active orders only

  • List for all orders of the branch location

  • Sorter (sort based on Notification Time or Last Updated Time)

  • Main Order Details (Order Number, Item Quantity, Customer Name, Payment Method, and Elapsed Time since Order Notification)

  • Status per order (Accepted, Rejected, or Ready for Pick Up)

V. Delivery Integration

⚠️ Optional: In order to book on-demand couriers within the In-Store Merchant App, Delivery Integration with your chosen on-demand courier must already be set up within Restaurant Alert + Deliver Shopify App on your Shopify Store

In each accepted order’s Order Details screen, you’ll find a Book A Rider button. Simply tap it to book a rider from your integrated on-demand courier!

  1. Tap the Book A Rider button to send a request for a rider with your integrated on-demand courier.

  2. If you click View Rider Booking Details before a rider is chosen by the system, you’ll see a pending screen and an option to cancel.

  3. If you click View Rider Booking Details and a rider has been booked by the app, you’ll see the Rider Details. This includes:
    - Rider Name
    - Delivery Cost
    - Time of Booking
    - Vehicle Type and License Number
    - Mobile Number
    - Additional Services
    - Option to Cancel Rider

ℹ️ FAQs

Can I use an iPhone instead of an Android device?

  • Unfortunately, no. Our In-Store Merchant App is only available on touchscreen devices with Android Operating Systems.

Can I use an Android phone or should it be a tablet?

  • You can use a device type of your preference, as long as it is a touchscreen Android device with Android OS Version 5 or above.

Will the Instant Alert stop ringing if unattended?

  • Nope! The Instant Alert screen block and ring will only stop if the alert is dismissed by your staff.

I’ve booked a rider for one order. Can I book simultaneously for another order?

  • Yes. Within the In-Store Merchant App, you’ll be able to book a rider for each order as needed. A detailed process on how to book riders can be found here.

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