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Cancelling Orders

What happens when you need to cancel a new order?

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

In the case your staff needs to reject an order that comes into the In-Store Merchant App, this is the process they’d need to follow:

When an order has been placed in your Shopify Store, an Instant Alert is sent straight to the In-Store Merchant app. As your staff taps the Order Notification, they will see the complete Order Details and an option to either Accept or Cancel the order.

Step 1

To reject the order, tap Cancel Order.

Step 2

A short list of common reasons for cancelling an order will appear. Select the reason for cancelling the order and tap Submit. Tap Confirm on the confirmation window to proceed.

ℹ️ The reason for cancellation will be recorded per order and can be found in your order’s timeline. (To review an order’s timeline, log into your Shopify store and go to Orders > select the cancelled order > Timeline.)

Step 3

Your customer will receive a notification (SMS or email) telling them that their order has been cancelled and a refund will be processed.

⚠️ COD orders aren’t refunded automatically.

Read more about refunds HERE.

💡 Personalize your customer notifications! Click HERE to learn how to do so.

🏁 You’re done! 🏁

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