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Accepting Orders

What will the order process look like with the In-Store Merchant App?

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

The In-Store Merchant App is great for food businesses with multiple locations, as each branch location will only get orders for their specific branch. Each branch will go through the process as seen below:

Step 1

  • When an order is placed in your Shopify store, an Instant Alert is sent straight to the branch location that will fulfill the order.

  • Tap to dismiss the Instant Alert.

Step 2

Once the Instant Alert is dismissed, you’ll see the Order Notification. Tap it!

Step 3

  • The complete Order Details will pop up for your review.

  • After reviewing all details, tap Accept Order.

ℹ️ What if i need to Reject an Order? Click HERE to read more about that.

  • Now it’s time to prepare the order in the kitchen!

Step 4 (Optional)

⚠️ In order to book on-demand couriers within the In-Store Merchant App, Delivery Integration with your chosen on-demand courier must already be set up within Restaurant Alert + Deliver Shopify App on your Shopify Store.

Once the order is ready, you can tap Book a Rider to get an on-demand courier to pick up your order and deliver it to your customer.

💡 PRO-TIP! We recommend booking riders 15-20 minutes before dispatching the order to allow the riders buffer time to arrive at your store!

Step 5

  • For delivery orders, tap Picked Up by Rider once the order has been dispatched to the on-demand courier. Tap Confirm on the confirmation window to proceed.

  • For pick up orders, tap Ready for Pick Up to notify the customer that their order is ready for them to pick up. Tap Confirm on the confirmation window to proceed.

ℹ️ Read more about Customer Notifications.

Step 6 (Optional)

⚠️ This step is for COD (Cash On Delivery) orders only.

For COD orders, tap Cash Received to complete the order. This will mark the order as Paid on your Shopify Store.

🏁 You’re done! 🏁

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