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🌟Enterprise: Setting Delivery Rates per Location
🌟Enterprise: Setting Delivery Rates per Location

All About Delivery Rates and Limits

Written by Kim Pamela Co
Updated over a week ago

With the Enterprise Plan, you’re able to set your own rates for delivery fees and even customize them for each branch location, to fit your business needs!

⚠️ This is a Enterprise Plan only feature. This feature is not available in the Free or Standard plans.

⚠️ Your Carrier Account must be set up in order to use this feature.

How does this work?

When you’ve configured your preferred rates per location, the Shopify store will then use this matrix as the basis for the delivery fee to be paid for by the customer. This delivery fee will be included in your customer’s total as they check out.

Configuring Delivery Rates per Location

You have the following settings to configure:

  1. Pricing Policy - whether you prefer per kilometer or per city rates

  2. Base Fare - set a fixed fee for a certain range

  3. Price per succeeding kilometer - set a fee per additional kilometer

  4. Maximum Distance - the delivery radius limit from your store

1. Enable/Disable Delivery Rates per Location

This feature would be most helpful for all merchants as it gives you the ability to not only control the delivery radius of your store but also the actual delivery fee to be charged to the customer.

This is however an optional feature that you may toggle through the App settings on your Shopify Store.

2. Pricing Policy

Delivery fees will be determined based on the kilometer driving distance from your store to the customer. These rates are to be determined by the merchant.

3. Base Fare

The Base Fare is your starting rate (i.e., a fixed fee for a certain range closest to your store location). You can limit this range with the Maximum Distance for Base Fare option in the app settings. Any delivery distance that exceeds this Maximum Distance for Base Fare will have a Price Per Succeeding Kilometer applied.

4. Price Per Succeeding Kilometer

If a delivery surpasses the range for your Base Fare, the customer will be charged fees for every succeeding kilometer driving distance from your store. This can be determined within the app settings as well.

5. Maximum Distance

We know maintaining food quality is always of paramount importance, which is why setting a Maximum Delivery Distance is key. If an order comes in that surpasses the declared Maximum Distance within the location’s settings, before checking out, the customer will be prompted to choose another nearer branch to fulfill their order, or will receive a notice that they are too far from any of your business’ establishments.

Sample Delivery Rates

Assuming you set your delivery rates with the following:

  1. Delivery Rates per Location is enabled

  2. P50 as your Base Fare

  3. 5km as your Maximum Distance for Base Fare

  4. P5 as your Price per Succeeding Kilometer

  5. 15km as your Maximum Distance

The following delivery fees will apply:

Customer Distance from your Store

Resulting Delivery Fee












Customer will be prompted to choose a closer location or will be shown a notice that they are too far away from any delivery locations.

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